Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Products Bio Degradable?

Our Bath and Body Range use bio degradable ingredients and so are fine to take with you if you’re lucky enough to go to eco camps!

Do Your Products Contain Gluten?

Our shampoos and conditioners contain hydrolyzed wheat protein to smooth and condition the hair shaft. This means that there could be gluten present in these products. All other Organic Surge products are wheat/gluten free.

Is Your Packaging Recyclable?

Yes – we use materials that can be recycled, and we don’t use more packaging than is needed. Any restrictions on what can be recycled will be determined by your local authority’s facilities.

Do You Test Your Products On Animals?

We absolutely do not and our manufacturing partners do not. For more information on our no animal testing policy, please click here.

Are Your Products Suitable For Vegetarians And Vegans?

All of our products are suitable for vegetarians. All of our products are also suitable for vegans, apart from the Extra Care Hot Cloth Cleanser. So far, we have not found a vegetable wax that will gave the same result as Beeswax, and so this is the only product in our range which is not suitable for vegans.

Are Your Products Suitable For Babies And Children?

Our products may be used on children over two years old. For under 2’s we would recommend that you use products which have been specifically formulated for this age group as infant’s skin is five times thinner than adult skin. This is not yet one of our areas of expertise.

Are Your Products Suitable For Use During Pregnancy?

Organic Surge products are very mild and are designed for everyday use. Essential oils are considered safe for use during pregnancy, subject to normal use, no known complications in pregnancy and no known allergies. However, as usual during this sensitive time, please consult your doctor for definitive recommendations.

Can you send me samples?

​While we would love to deliver samples to everyone, we’re very sorry but it’s not something we are able to do at this time.

Who do I contact about a product issue or concern?

We take product issues and feedback very seriously. Please fill out our contact form or call us at 21 522 369

How long are products good for after opening?

For optimal quality and freshness, we do recommend that you refrigerate any open pouch that’s not yet empty, and consume the contents within 24 hours.

If your question is not answered in the above questions please contact us. Email: info@naturalhealthmalta.com.mt