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Our After Sun products are great to use ALL YEAR ROUND! Great way to hydrate your skin and get relief from winter chapping and wind burns. Please give them a try! We are sure you will like them as much as our customers do!

Whether you are an individual or a large Distributor, we have your Sunscreen and Tanning Sun Care product needs covered.

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By Caribbean Breeze

Caribbean Breeze After Sun Aloe Burn Relief Gel

This special formula blends pure aloe and natural botanicals to help soothe, soften and moisturize dry, rough skin while special cooling ingredients help relieve the discomfort associated with over exposure to the sun.

Caribbean Breeze After Sun Aloe Moisturizing Lotion

This complex formula of nature’s finest domestic and imported ingredients from the earth and sea was developed to help replenish those precious oils lost through exposure to the effects of the environment…sun, wind, water and cold.

Caribbean Breeze SPF 4 Dark Tanning Lotion

This exclusive blend enriched with vitamins, natural botanical extracts, Green Tea and Pomegranate will moisturize and protect your skin keeping it smooth, hydrated and supple for a deeper, longer lasting tan.

Caribbean Breeze After Sun Aloe Moisturizing Gel

This special year-round formula combines Pomegranate and Green Tea Extract in a special blend of natural moisturizers, vitamins and skin conditioners to help combat the effects of over exposure to the elements.