At Natural Health Malta, we are committed to providing the kind of service and attention your hair will thank you for in the long run. Working with special vendors that are well known internationally, to cater to every need that clients might have in a sustainable, mindful manner. Which in turn, translates to a healthier lifestyle. Not to forget, the benefits of completely skipping out on chemicals, speaks for itself with glossy, shiny and well- nourished hair, well maintained nails and skin.

Keeping that in mind, we hosted an event that was all about sustainable beauty – Go Green Salons. Which saw Dr. Denise Baden, from the Southampton Business School, who founded the Eco Hair and Beauty Initiative, give a wonderful talk about establishing sustainable practices at hair and beauty salons.

The event saw a turnout from hair dressers, beauty therapists, salon owners, barbers, students and even clients, who wanted to know the oftentimes, small changes one can make to go green. Collaborating and working together with the Eco Hair and Beauty Initiative, was a great experience and we will certainly be hosting more future events, for those who missed out.

Given how conscientiousness we are about natural and organic beauty, we had a great time working with Eco Hair and Beauty on this and having the opportunity to furthering the cause we believe in – that beauty needs to be healthy and the tiny steps taken in the right direction can have massive impact later down the line, for both ourselves and the world around us.